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"A stunningly engaging show ending in a terrifying climax that left us all screaming."

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5 out of 5!  If you're a fan of the supernatural, it doesn't get much better than this!"

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This amazing concept definitely has it all.  It is completely unique and terrifying"

Hundreds of satisfied customers since 2020!

Ever wanted to attend a ghost hunt in a genuinely haunted location and actually see the ghosts?

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night
Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

Or wondered what it would be like to be trapped inside your very own horror movie?

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

For the first time ever, your paranormal encounter is guaranteed...

in this unique and terrifying experience!

So... what is The Darkening?

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

The Darkening is a totally unique ghost tour, ghost hunt, fright night and paranormal magic experience all rolled into one!

Developed by two paranormal magicians, The Darkening is a  fully-immersive experience which utilises all the latest techniques in magic, illusion and suggestion to make you think you are actually contacting the dead.

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night
Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

"Just like being in your very own horror movie, you get so immersed in it, you forget it's not real and it still scares the living daylights out of you!"

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

WARNING!  This is not for the faint-hearted.  It has been known for our participants to genuinely run from the building screaming and refuse to come back in!

Not recommended for children under 15 years of age.

How does the day run?

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night
Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

3.00pm -Doors Open - Relax at the bar and meet the other guests.

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

3.30pm -Welcome to the Darkening - The Show begins.

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

4.30pm -Ghost Tour - hear about the resident spirits and go hunting for them with genuine ghost-hunting techniques.

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

6.00pm - Dinner is Served - a delicious meal, included in the price, is served on location.

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

7.00pm -  The Darkening Experience - A full Supernatural Magic Experience where the tension is brought to fever-pitch as the spirits begin to manifest themselves.

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

8.00pm - The Final Seance - All of your nightmares come true, with a terrifying seance in the pitch black, where all your worst nightmares will come true!

*Start times will vary between venues so ensure you check your confirmation email after purchasing your tickets.

Limited Availability

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

Only a handful of shows each year

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night

Often sells out very quickly

Book today to ensure your place!


And, if you are not completely satisfied with the experience, we will offer you a full refund!

Now you can't say fairer than that!

So, what have you got to lose?

Book now to enjoy a completely unique and terrifying experience you will never forget!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it?

The Darkening appears at different locations so check our upcoming show dates for the the next show!

How much is it?

The ticket cost is £69.

What does the ticket include?

The ticket includes a one-hour ghost tour, one-hour paranormal magic show, a two or three course meal (of your choice) along with the hosts, an up-close table magic  experience, a ghost hunt in the haunted location and a séance finale experience. 

What time does it start

Doors normally open at 3.00/4.00pm but times can vary so check your confirmation email when you receive it

What time does it finish?

The show will normally finish at 9.00/10.00pm

How many tickets can I buy?

There are 20 or 50 tickets per event.  You can buy as many as you wish, although the number will be limited if others have already booked for the date of your choice.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself, your friends and an open mind!  You will also some footwear suitable for walking in and a coat in case it rains while we’re on the ghost tour.

What should I wear?

Dress for outdoors as well as indoors.  The first hour of the day may be spent walking around outside and the rest of the day is inside (dependent on the location).  We recommend wearing trainers or other comfortable shoes for walking in and a waterproof coat in case it rains.

How far will we walk?

About a mile.

How can I travel there?

However you wish!  We particularly recommend a broom stick.  If you’re worried about finding the place, we’ve got it covered.  We will send you a map with directions, covering various modes of transport, when you book.

Is there Disabled access

If you have any questions about accessibility please email us at

Where do I park?

We will send you a map with directions to the nearest car park, when you book your ticket, if you need one.

What are the meal options?

Meal Options vary between locations. Check the ticket description for more information or contact us for catering enquiries.

What if I have a food allergy?

That’s fine.  Just let us know and we will find a meal option that suits your needs.

Is it real?

No: but it will very much feel like it is!  Your hosts will be trained magicians and performers who will use their skills of trickery, mind reading and suggestion to create an experience that will feel very real, but it’s all just a trick, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally contacting real spirits.

Do I need to participate in things that I don’t want to take part in?

No!  We cater for all wants and needs.  We will provide the opportunity for people to participate in typical ghost-hunting activities but you may choose not to participate in the things that make you feel uncomfortable and we will find something else for you to get involved in at the same time so you don’t feel left out. 

Is it dangerous?

No more dangerous than going to a theme park or watching a horror movie.  There will be health and safety considerations that we will make you aware of, such as trip hazards, and how to move around safely in the dark.  We will also supervise you at all times to ensure you are safe.  There is no danger of contacting any real ghosts.  Although it may not feel like it at the time, we have actually set everything up in a very controlled environment to make it feel real whereas, in fact, it is all just pretend.  There will be some big scares though, so you should not attend if you have a heart condition or are pregnant, or suffer from any ailment that may be exacerbated when you are made to jump.  Please see our terms and conditions for more information about whether you are safe to participate.

Why do I need to sign a waiver?

Some of the parts of the experience will make you jump, so we need to make you aware of what you are letting yourself in for and show us that you are in full agreement to participate.

What if we are late?

Don't be!  The event will start on time and you will miss all the fun!

Still got questions?

Click Contact Us. We are real people and we will reply promptly!

Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night
Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night
Dorset Fright Night| South Coast Fright Night
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